Standard Forklift Vehicle

Forklift is useful automatic guided vehicle to handle pallet transfer.

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Basic specification

  • Guidance: Laser / Magnetic Tape
  • Control Soultion:NDC
  • Vehicle Type: SD Forklift
  • Vehicle Size: 2,800mm(L) x 1,200mm(W) x 2,150mm(H)
  • Load Capacity: 500kg ~ 1,500kg
  • Stop Tolerance: ± 5mm (Laser) / ± 10mm (Magnetic Tape)
  • Max Speed: 1.7m/s (Laser) / 1.2m/s (Magnetic Tape)
  • Power Supply: Lithium Battery
  • Charging Method: All charging methods are supported
  • User Interface: Touch Screen 7.5″ & Manual Pendant
  • Safety Devices: Laser Obstacle Detection Sensor(s)
    Safety Bumpers

Loading Handling Units

  • Standard: 1,500kg with max.3,200mm lifting stroke
  • Custom-made: in accordance with load capacity
  • Long Fork: Depending on pallet dimension
  • Clamping: Clamping handling for specialized goods


  • Speed: 2.0m/s / 2.5m/s / 3.0m/s
  • Multi Guidance: Laser + Magnetic Tape / Laser + Spot
  • Fork Interval: Automatic Fork Interval Adjustment
  • Heavy Load: up to 3,000kg

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