Product-modelQR code navigation version (SRC-800-Q)Single laser chassis version (SRC-800-T)
Applicatation ScenarioFor QR code navigation robot, with QR code scanner and obstacle avoidance laser, for jacking and spinningFor economic AMR, with single laser SLAM, for jacking
CPUQuad-core Cortex A35@1.2GHz、Single-core Cortex M4@266MHzQuad-core Cortex A35@1.2GHz、Single-core Cortex M4@266MHz
RAM2GB LPDDR4 (32 Bit)2GB LPDDR4 (32 Bit)
Wi-fiDual-band 802.11ac 2x2 MU-MIMODual-band 802.11ac 2x2 MU-MIMO
Tempeature and Humidity Senor
EthernetDebug or Connect to Other SensorsDebug or Connect to Navigation Laser and Other Sensors
Extend Wi-Fi Client or Other FunctionsExtend Wi-Fi Client or Other Functions
DI(NPN)10-Way (Including 2 PDO 1A)10-Way (Including 2 PDO 1A)
RS232(IoT Module Communication Expansion)10-Way10-Way
CAN(Driver Communication)--
RS485(Battery Communication)2-Way (Isolated)2-Way (Isolated)
RS485(Light Strip Or Other Display)1-Way (Isolated)1-Way (Isolated)
RS485(QR Code Scanner)1-Way1-Way
CAN(Obstacle Avoidance Sensor)2-Way2-Way
Power ON/OFF InterfacesOne-Button Power ON/OFFOne-Button Power ON/OFF
Emergency Stop Input1-Way1-Way
Emergency Stop Output2-Way2-Way
Battery Switch1-Way1-Way
Audio Output1-Way1-Way
Power Supply24V1A (excluding DO output current)24V1A (excluding DO output current)
IP RatingIP20IP20
Working Temperature & HumidityTEMP: -25~50°C / RH: 10~90%, no compression, no condensation1-Way
Navigation Accuracy*±10mm, ±1°±10mm, ±1°
Navigation Speed≤2m/s≤2m/s
Map Area (single frame)--
Automatic Charging

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